Creative Brief

  • (names and website addresses)
  • (ie: gender, age, race, location, etc. Need list of actual information needed here:)
  • Are you part of any associations we could use their logos on the site like Kudzu, Angie’s List, BBB? Do you have large well known clients we could use their logos on your site? Do you have large
  • Like and why
  • Will the copy stay above the fold? Is there a lot of copy? Or is there minimal copy and we need to add more pictures? Full, right or left justified text?
  • Use stock? Is the client providing photos or do we need to find them? Will there be lots of photos per page? How many pictures per page? Limit is 3. Or use photos as a background?
  • (Amount & Type of Content):
  • (IE: Social icons, sign up for newsletter, etc…if any we need URLs for social and email marketing program used and login info)