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Gregory Roberts

Gregory Roberts

Taking Blacktie Creative to the Next Level

NicheLabs is excited to announce that Greg Roberts is bringing his marketing experience to NicheLabs clients. His ability to understand his client’s vision and then turn that vision into a story is what makes him stand apart.

A story?

The volume of email, display advertising and product placement bombard people. The bombardment is so overwhelming that the satellite TV providers, followed by cable TV providers, created and distributed at great expense DVRs that enable people to skip ads. And the government regulates how email and telemarketers can contact you. This is all to say that traditional advertising — let me tell you about me — is diminishing in effectiveness.

What’s replaced a list of product features and product benefits are stories. Telling stories is what people are listening to. Isn’t that what you listen to at the office or at a party?

Greg will be a great asset to NicheLabs’ clients because he’s spent the last 10 years helping clients build their brands with the past 5 years focused on developing and maintaining an online presence for clients. Greg specializes in marketing strategies, content creation, and social media strategy. Just as the internet and marketing have evolved in the past decade, so has Greg’s solutions for best reaching consumers. His ability to understand his client’s vision and then turn that vision into a story is what makes him stand apart.

Greg has a relentless work ethic, and gets the job done no matter the number of hurdles or obstacles he has to overcome. Greg brings a lot of industry knowledge and experience to the table and is always ahead of the curve when it comes to new marketing strategies and tools.

We invite you to schedule time to talk with Greg or your account director about how you can benefit from our digital marketing solutions.

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NicheLabs is a digital marketing agency that is passionate about internet marketing. We love generating leads and sales; we love to design beautiful websites; we love to develop functional websites. We are an accomplished team of Search engine optimization specialists, online marketers, programmers, writers, designers and of course, developers.

We help small and medium size businesses to gain online visibility to grow their business.

There’s a plethora of marketing agencies and SEO firms with ideas and options for digital marketing solutions including Search Engine optimization (SEO), Google AdWords (paid search), marketing automation, lead nurturing, email, and Social Media. Then there’s your website – a brochure, ecommerce or high functioning interactivity. And that’s just a start.

We’ve found that our clients are happiest when they can define a problem and we present a solution. Our accomplished team of Search engine optimization specialists, online marketers, programmers, writers, designers and developers listen, analyze, present and act. And we can be as concise or in-depth as you want about SEO rules, onsite and offsite SEO tactics, website design techniques and website development techniques.

Search Engine Optimization is often the answer yet the best solutions are a mix of answers. A formula. And often revolving around your website design. Your business isn’t unidimensional and neither is great marketing.

When you’re not satisfied with your current marketing success, let’s talk. We love making traffic that makes dollars and sense.

Until we talk, here are a few thoughts about running a business:

  • “People must come first. Figure out if you’ve got all the right people on the bus, then you figure out where to drive (how to market).” Jim Collins, author of Good to Great
  • “Any doctor can tell you, the most crucial step toward healing is having the right diagnosis. A bad diagnosis usually means a bad outcome, no matter how skilled the physician.” Dr. Andrew Weil
  • “Myth: The purpose of marketing is to generate sales volume. Wrong: That’s the purpose of selling. The purpose of marketing is to generate profit. Got that? Profits.” Jay Conrad Levinson, Guerilla Marketing Int’l
  • “Value equals [what you get] divided by [what you pay]. The hard part is quantifying “what you get.” Unknown
  • Remember that contentment is a quality best suited for cows, not cowboys. Jimmy Buffett, A Pirate Looks at Fifty.
  • And a final thought:“You don’t have to do any of this because survival is not compulsory.” Edwards Demmings
(1) Lew Platt when CEO of Hewlett Packard
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