Logo Design Questionnaire

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  • Describe important, relevant demographic information about your audience, such as age, sex, location, income, occupation, industry, education, as well as psychographics such as lifestyle, values, behavior, interests, vendor attitudes and purchase behaviors.
  • List things you want to tell your customers about you. What image do you want to portray? What is unique or different about you?

  • You can list links to logos that you admire or simply provide a list of companies whose logos or logo styles you like no matter the category.
  • Feminine Masculine

  • Young Mature

  • Luxury Economical

  • Modern Classic

  • Playful Serious

  • Loud Quiet

  • Simple Complex

  • Subtle Obvious

  • Let us know what colors you’d like to see in your logo or if your company already has an existing color palette, what colors we should use. Be mindful of your competitors’ logo designs and colors.
  • Certain logos styles work better online, while others work better in print. Telling us where you’ll use your logo will help us make the design more flexible for you.
  • Use this space to share examples of work you like, images, sketches, feel free to include links or to specify elements that must be in your logo, or even to list elements that must NOT be included.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.