Social Media Content Creation Insights

  1. Where will we post your social media content?
    We’ll create content for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The content will vary slightly based on the platform. For example, certain posts that work well on Facebook do not work well on Twitter, and vice versa. We take the guesswork out of things for you so that you’ll always have appropriate content for all of the various platforms.
  2. What kind of content will we include in your social media posts?
    These posts will be on a variety of topics related to your business. It could be as simple as an inspirational quote or image, or could be something meatier, like a poll, an opinion, a useful piece of educational insight, a link to a video of interest and so on.
  1. Content Philosophy
    These posts will build brand awareness; trust in your business; and engagement of your target audience that encourages them to repeatedly visit your Facebook page and respond to, share and “like” your posts. Therefore, these posts will steer away from being too “salesy” or self-promotional. You want your audience to view you as a trusted expert, so it’s more about letting your “actions” — aka posts — speak for you as opposed to you coming at them with a “Hey, look at me! Like me!” kind of tone.

In order to have the most compelling, robust presence, it’s important to understand that there are two types of content:

Backdrop Content
This is the daily, value-based, non-promotional content that draws people in and distinguishes you as the go-to expert. This is the heavy lifting — curating content, creating content, organizing the daily flow of the content, etc., such that your social presence has a high-quality and consistent backdrop of content.

Personalized Content
This is the personal content that you pepper in from time to time. It may be a photo of employees at the office, a photo of a happy customer, a personal note, an announcement, a company promotion or an event. Only you can create these posts. However, they should be easy and occasional. You can post these yourself or send them to our team for inclusion with the rest of the content.

The combination of the daily value-based, non-promotional material along with the personalized periodic content provides a very engaging, robust social presence.

Information Needed to Create your Social Media Posts and Offer

  • Section 2: Admin access

    Provide admin information for your existing accounts so we may post on your behalf:
  • Section 3: Your offer app

    The information on this form will be used to create your offer page, where people will first land when visiting your Facebook page. It gives them a gift in return for them clicking the LIKE button on your page. The offer is best if it’s a digital gift (such as a coupon, an email subscription providing tips or insights in your area of expertise, etc.). Please check off each box with the completed information.
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