Local Directory Optimization

Google Business Page Setup & Optimization

Yelp + Top 100 Local Directory Listings

Listing Data Cleansing for Accuracy

Automated Listing Duplicate Deletion

Be found in Search Engines,
Social Media, Voice Search,
and Mobile App Searches

Reputation Management

Request reviews from customers monthly

Provide avenue for happy customers
to post reviews on top sites
such as Google, Yelp & Facebook .

Provide avenue for
unhappy customers to share
negative experiences with
management vs online

Display best reviews on your website

Provide real time alerts
of all reviews from all sites

Website Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Visibility &
Search Term Optimizations

Meta Data Optimizations

Webpage Copy Optimizations

Site Error &
Google Penalty Detection

Google Page Speed Score
(Desktop & Mobile)

Monthly Reporting

Local Directory
Listing Score Report

Reputation Score Report

Conversion / Lead
Tracking Report

Keywords Rankings Report

Google Key Performance
Metrics Report



local directories


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(+) rep mgmt.


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(+) website seo


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