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Here at Niche Labs our goal is to help position your business to be as efficient and productive as possible.  You have worked hard to put together an idea, put it in motion, and establish a brand with our marketing services. Our job as marketing experts is to make sure your brand is visible and in a position to be seen by your target audience.  We offer an array of marketing services that will ensure that your marketing strategy is not only diverse but works within your company’s budget to deliver the needed results.  At Niche Labs our marketing experts and designers are business savvy and have an eye for what is cutting edge and appeals to the consumer.  Having a world class brand means nothing if you are not getting in front of the people you want.  Let the experts at Niche Labs help take your brand to the next level by combining your passion and our years of experience.  Below are the marketing services we offer to help build your brand.


  • Niche Website Marketing Services– Through research on your business and industry we find the best ways and practices to create a buzz for your business.
  • Search Engine Marketing Services – Our goal is to improve your search engine ranking through proven techniques to help increase the number of visits your web page receives.
  • Pay Per Click Marketing Services – Through very detailed research we can determine where you need to be for attentive consumers who need your services.
  • Social Media Marketing Services - With social media rapidly becoming the chosen way of communication we use these vehicles to spread your message to thousands at cost efficient rates.
  • Email Marketing Services – From newsletters, to holiday sales, to store clearances we can not only design but write and execute your newsletter to your loyal customers and potential new customers.
  • Direct Mail Marketing Services - This traditional marketing technique allows us to design a unique marketing circular that helps draw traffic and attention to your business. We can target specific areas or neighborhoods you wish to focus.


You have worked extremely hard to start a business and get the doors open.  Now it’s time to let the experts from Niche Labs help build your brand and develop a marketing strategy to fulfill the vision you have for your business.


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