Leadership Team

  • Todd C. Withrow
    CEO & President
  • Hal D. Schlenger
    Vice President of
    Sales & Marketing
  • Charles H. Greenewald
    Vice President of
  • Matt Fonseca
    Technical Support Manager

Todd C. Withrow

CEO & President

A recognized expert in website design, development and marketing, Todd Withrow has advised esteemed automotive, communications, real estate, environmental, healthcare, IT and retail leaders. His expertise in design, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing and email marketing enables small-to-mid sized companies to grow their brand awareness, ecommerce sales and operational efficiency.

After years of consulting with clients large and small, Todd saw a need in the market for delivering his foundation in high-level service and expertise to small-to-medium businesses while maintaining reasonable project budgets. From this need, NicheLabs was born.

From his early days as a production artist to his present role as a visionary and leader, Todd has developed and launched more than 10,000 websites since he began his career. Driven by the challenge that the digital space is forever evolving, Todd’s philosophy is that if he pauses to rest on his laurels, he will lose sight of the next big idea.

Todd has always fostered a culture of collaboration, mutual respect and service both with colleagues and clients. His easy-going temperament within the high-speed, high-stress digital world attracts valued employees and clients alike.


Hal D. Schlenger

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

An accomplished account director, Hal Schlenger’s cross-functional experience and leadership abilities have afforded him positions with such companies as EarthLink, DISH Network, Allconnect and IBBS, where he was described as "an advocate and a collaborative, caring partner." In addition to account management skills, Hal has excelled in marketing, product management and process management roles during his 20+ year career.

As a strong communicator and trusted advisor, Hal serves NicheLabs’ clients well with his ability to listen, offer strategic marketing advice, and provide a high degree of accountability, all of which build lasting relationships.

He gives back to the community through his leadership position with the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), where he promotes best practices for "being social" and driving collaboration through internal and external communities.


Charles H. Greenewald

Vice President of Operations

Chuck Greenewald earns the trust of clients by forging respectful, productive and lasting relationships. With more than 20 years of combined direct marketing strategy, content marketing, and account management experience, he is responsible for client relationship management and the smooth day-to-day operation of NicheLabs' implementation and marketing projects.

Collaborating with NicheLabs and its clients’ leadership, creative, production, I.T. and operations teams, Chuck excels at identifying and resolving project challenges. In addition to his account management expertise, Chuck adds value to client engagements by sharing his deep knowledge of online and offline marketing planning and multi-channel execution.


Matt Fonseca

Technical Support Manager

Since joining the company during the Summer in 2012, Matt Fonseca has quickly become NicheLabs’ “jack-of-all-trades.” In addition to working on client projects, Matt supports the NicheLabs team in the areas of accounting, internal communications, web-based updates and technical support.

Matt has an innate ability to quickly learn and apply new skills. In the late 1990s, during the early days of the World Wide Web, Matt educated himself in the areas of digital trends, IT capabilities, and hardware and software advancements. As a result of continually educating himself and sharing his knowledge with others, Matt brings a wealth of IT knowledge to NicheLabs.