Best of Both Words: Increase Customer Confidence and SEO Ranking with Good Reviews


Whether you’re planning a trip halfway around the world or dinner at a new restaurant 10 blocks away, there’s a good chance you’ve looked at customer reviews on Trip Advisor […]

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Small Business Marketing Use Google+ to Enhance Your SEO Ranking and Build Your Online Community


Social media revolve around creating buzz to keep your SEO rankings high. So it makes a lot of sense to be where the buzzers are, and Google+ is one of […]

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Manage Your Online Reputation with Free Google Alerts?


If you’re wringing your hands about how to manage your online reputation, a blog post from has a simple – and free — solution: Set up a Google Alert […]

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Got Your Responsive Website? Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Young couple relaxing on sofa with digital tablet and laptop.

Mobile friendly websites have evolved in to responsive websites because mobile friendly websites aren’t just for the road. More and more of your customers and prospects are reaching your website […]

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Boost SEO Performance by Aligning Your Business Plan with your Creative Web Design for Small Businesses

Chocolate bar with peanut butter. Clipping path included

What do you want from your website? That’s a rhetorical question with a lot of good answers. So, the real question is: What must you do to make sure your […]

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Should you Update Your Website Design and Content?

An Antique Typewriter Showing Traditional QWERTY Keys IV

  Knowing that nearly everything gets obsolete, the better question is how often should you be updating your website design and content?   Your answer is hoping it is “not often.” […]

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How to be Loved by Google – Maximizing your SEO Page Ranking

top google result_small

Is getting a second look from the targeted love of your life easier than getting a first look from Google for your SEO page ranking? When you’re trying to build […]

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Get More People Involved in Your Blog

close up of conference meeting microphones and businessman

Are you an electronic recluse or part of an online community? Being part of a community gives your content a new twist, helps your SEO page ranking and shows the […]

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Has Your Website Kept Up with Your Business?

old amazon_small

Think for a moment how your business has changed over the past year or 3. Do you offer more products and services? Have you expanded to new markets or locations? Are your customers using your products differently or more innovatively? Has your business climate or marketplace changed? Is your old creative website design experiencing a decrease in website traffic and/or business?

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Are You Playing ‘Hide’ Instead of ‘Seek’ with Google Page Ranking?


Everyone wants to be found first on a Google search, but it sometimes seems like the search engine leader tries to hide you when you want prospects to find you. […]

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