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Google Home Updated Guidelines; Enhance Your Recipes With Voice Commands


Google freed home chefs from using their sticky fingers to double-check how many tablespoons of butter that recipe called for (AGAIN) when they launched Google Home last year. Saving our mobile devices from smudges of all flavors, Google Home is a brand of smart speakers that allows users to speak voice commands and provides step-by-step instructions on how to execute a recipe using Google Search and Google Assistant.


Google recently announced that they have updated the service with new guidelines to ensure that the published recipes can provide the voice-guided option. The updates will also provide users with more information about their recipes. This will result in more visitors that are looking for exactly what the author has to offer and may get them viewers from additional sources through Google Assistant.



To do this, Google asks that the author provide more details about their recipes. Make it easy by answering these questions:

  • How can this recipe be described?

    • By the season they are appropriate for (“winter dish” “summer dish”)
    • By a special event that they would be great for (“baby shower” cupcakes)
    • By an associated Holiday (“Fourth of July” BBQ Ribs)
    • By any other descriptors (“week-night”, “traditional”)

Enter new terms in the “keywords” section:


  • What Meal is this recipe ideal for? (“snack”, “dessert”)

Enter in the “recipeCategory” section.


  • What kind of regional cuisine is it? (“Italian”, “American”)

Enter in the “recipeCuisine” section.


  • Add videos to SHOW viewers how to make the dish.

Enter in the “video” section.


Google also added more instruction for the “recipeInstructions” field.  Authors can seek guidance from “HowToStep” and “HowToSection” to better explain the execution of their recipe.


Google Assistant now requires each recipe to have the “recipeIngredient” and “recipeInstructions” fields filled in order to use it with Google Home. Without this information, recipes will still appear in search results but will not be able to use guidance from Google Assistant.


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