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NicheLabs Helps GMS Non-Profit Support Employees-In-Need with a Fundraising Website

Gypsum Supply & Management, Inc., a national building supply giant, has called upon NicheLabs to build a website for their new non-profit charitable organization, The GMS Family Fund. GMS prides itself on two critical qualities that all employees must possess; caring and pride. With the understanding that these values are vital to GMS company culture, our shared goal is to inspire GMS employees to extend care to their fellow employees by helping them in times of need through

The purpose of will be to provide assistance to any employees facing financial hardship due to an unexpected life-altering event like a medical emergency or natural disaster. The Board of Directors will be volunteer employees and any qualifying employee will be able to apply for assistance confidentially. Tax-deductible donations will be made possible through the website. will be simple and easy to use with a straight-forward menu.

  • An EVENTS page will inform employees of upcoming events that benefit the cause and provide them a way to contribute.
  • A NEWS page will feature stories on how the latest donations are being used as well as awards to supporters that go above and beyond.
  • Through the DONATIONS page, employees will be able to choose their form of donation, including payroll deduction (a set amount is deducted from their paycheck each month), pay by check, or pay online via credit card. NicheLabs will enable GMS to see who is contributing to the fund by directing the data entered in the donation fields to be collected by GMS’s proprietary system.
  • NicheLabs will put faces to names in this nationwide family via a STAFF page introducing the employee volunteers that make this charity tick.
  • The REQUEST ASSISTANCE page will allow employees to enter their confidential information securely into an application and immediately send it via the website in PDF form. Users will also have the option to fill out the form and send it via email, without needing to download it first.
  • Employees will be able to scan and UPLOAD relevant documents such as tax letters to send in with their applications.

NicheLabs will ensure that this new website fosters the family dynamic that is the cornerstone of GMS’s nationwide success and expedites their fundraising efforts.  See how NicheLabs can inspire your company culture by contacting us today.