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NicheLabs Keeps Huey Luey’s Great Mexican Food on the Rise

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About the Company:

In December 2011, Huey Luey’s Great Mexican Food brought the freshest authentic original recipes and a warm ambiance to Hiram, Georgia. Since then, their popularity has been on a drastic incline due to their toleration for only the finest ingredients.


Specializing in marinated grilled beef dishes such as their Tampiquena Steak, Huey Luey’s offers much more than tacos and enchiladas.  Offering “Texas” style fajitas with freshly grilled steak, chicken and shrimp and a brimming foot long burrito-“Huey’s Gigantic Burrito”-there are plenty of options to satisfy a craving or try something new.


Their truly unique decorative style and original recipes are complimented by homemade Salsas and Pico de Gallo prepared daily and Guacamole made-to-order. And no need wait for happy hour for their great drink specials-their famous house margaritas are served all day, every day for only $5.


Client Challenges & Goals

Huey Luey’s objective is to ensure that the restaurant chain will continue with its momentum, gaining more exposure. The restaurant needed to represent itself in a way that really showcased its unique look, warm ambiance, and great menu and deals. It needed its marketing, both online and offline, to be as polished as its restaurant. This is why they came to NicheLabs to handle many of their marketing needs-a majority of them involving ad design.


NicheLabs Proposed Solutions for Huey Luey’s

NicheLabs is recreating Huey Luey’s most important marketing item-their menu. The Atlanta marketing team also provides Huey Luey’s with many digital and print advertisements and promotional items such as:


  • A Take-Out Menu
  • Billboards
  • In-Store Posters
  • Coasters
  • Coupons
  • Direct Mailings
  • Business Cards
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Gift Cards
  • Website Updates


A recent noteworthy example is their most important marketing material- their menu. The cover features their made-to-order guacamole and all its raw ingredients on the front and their many varieties of margaritas on the first page. Another is their clever coasters designed by NicheLabs to promote Huey Luey’s VIP Text Club which offers members free food and coupons. Our objective is to continue to express what sets Huey Luey’s apart from the rest.