The critical importance of Schema in web visibility and SEO in 2020

You may have heard of schema and that it is important for helping your website rank in 2022. What you may not be aware of, however, is just how important it really is and how much it can influence your visibility and organic traffic. In this article we’ll dive into what Schema is, what it’s […]

Google Product Review Algorithm Updates – How to Maximize Updates for Your Business In 2022

Since 2021, Google has been focused on improving the quality of its Product Review algorithms. With this added focus comes new opportunities for your business to take advantage of where search engines are going and what you can do to be at the forefront of providing what they’re looking for. Let’s dive in. Google’s Furious […]

SERP Features Are Taking Over Search Results. Here’s How to Turn Them to Your Advantage.

With rich search engine results page (SERP) features becoming more and more prominent in search results, it is imperative that your business understands the ever-changing landscape in organic search results and how you need to approach the future in order to grow your organic traffic and visibility. In this article, we will begin to explore […]

What is Bounce Rate?

At NicheLabs, we recognize that our clients are not typically coders, developers, or web-marketing experts. So, why would we expect them to decipher the list of jargon needed to measure the results of our marketing efforts? One of the most important pieces of information that we relay to each of our Search Engine Optimization clients […]

Google Home Updated Guidelines; Enhance Your Recipes With Voice Commands

  Google freed home chefs from using their sticky fingers to double-check how many tablespoons of butter that recipe called for (AGAIN) when they launched Google Home last year. Saving our mobile devices from smudges of all flavors, Google Home is a brand of smart speakers that allows users to speak voice commands and provides […]

New Mouth-Watering Website Makes Ordering as Smooth as Mama’s Red Velvet; A Small Business Revamped

Whether you consider yourself a walking sweet-tooth or not, lay eyes on the “fresh goodness” baked by Red Velvet Mama, and you will be INSPIRED…because “Life is Too Sweet!” This doctor turned baker is an expert in comfort whether in the form of flour, sugar, and butter, or sweet words of advice. Doctor Teresa Horne, […]

NicheLabs to Transform Non-Profit Community Center Website to Better Serve and Unite Its Members

The Branches Club,  a non-profit, member/volunteer-managed facility catering to swimming and tennis enthused residents in 10 surrounding communities has tasked NicheLabs with the revamping of their online presence and member usability. NicheLabs will transform their lack-luster website and add the necessary functions to allow their community members to effortlessly interact with their site. The […]

Updated Website Meets Dynamic New Needs

  Because the world of human resources always changing, it made perfect sense for Excel Pay to update a four-year-old website and give it the capability to help clients meet their dynamic needs. By turning to NicheLabs to update a website we originally created for them, they used our knowledge of their business and the […]

King Abdullah Fellowship Program Turns to NicheLabs for Mission Support

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has made significant efforts to strengthen its healthcare infrastructure to combat chronic and infectious diseases through the King Abdullah Fellowship Program (KAFP) at the Rollins School of Public Health. But when KAFP needed to strengthen their website to strengthen their public health capacity in Saudi Arabia, they turned to […]

Target Your Email Campaigns

There’s hardly a business that doesn’t see email as a key component in its marketing strategy. But “open rates” can be less than expected when you don’t hit the right target at the right time. But sometimes, the emails just fly out there, and you really have no way to know if you hit the […]