Google Advises “To Be Uncomfortably Excited” to be Top SEO Agency or Business

SEO is not a hobby.  SEO is not a game.  To succeed at SEO, and with pay-per-click advertising, you need to be uncomfortably excited. That’s what I took away from a Google presentation at the recent 2015 TAG Social Savvy awards.  The speaker was quoting Google founder Larry Page about what it takes to be […]

Being Late is Almost OK for Meetings and Top SEO Agencies

If you’ve been invited to a meeting, conference or conference call — whether about SEO, operations or finance — have you noticed that being late is almost OK?   You’re in the moment, or you’re trying to satisfy many bosses (customers, clients, patients, shareholders, bosses — and that’s just our work world), and you end up […]

How the Giving Economy Makes Top SEO Companies Thrive

If you need proof that you have to give — and give a lot — before you get, then consider next month’s 10th anniversary of Google Analytics as proof.  For companies using SEO, paid search including Google AdWords and social media, or using social to engage their customers, patients and clients, and their prospects, Google […]

The Alternative to Hiring (Another) Marketing Person for SEO, Google AdWords, or Social Media

The reality for mid-sized businesses is that the need for marketing to sustain and grow revenues is great, while the availability of resources is not. Duh. The same applies to employee compensation, R&D and new equipment, not just marketing and SEO. While many professional services continue to use trade shows and networking to find new […]