What Your Dentist Can Teach You about Top SEO Programs

In a recent presentation by my friend Carol Abbott, a successful dental practice manager turned successful business consultant, she asked a room full of dentists not about SEO, but “of the top 10 reasons patients select their dentist, how many of those reasons relate to your dental skills and experience?” When Carol presented survey results […]

2016: Whatever made you successful in the past won’t in the future, especially top SEO programs

Does that inspire you or worry you?  Whether your run a business or practice, whether you are responsible for operations, sales, marketing or SEO programs, how can you not love then chairman and CEO of HP, Lew Platt’s declaration? Google lives by this, which helps explain why they make over 500 changes annually to “the […]

Google’s Change Impacts the 3 R’s for Top SEO Agencies and Brands

Many of us know that “If you build it and they will come” just doesn’t happen. You think you don’t need a top SEO agency because your service or product is top notch, is a great value and meets a great need in the market. Your new customers, clients and patients are out there waiting […]