Start with Reflecting on Your Message before focusing on Tactics like SEO or Social Media

While the end of the year is a great time to reflect on your progress and success (or January if  you’re a retailer with big holiday sales), our advice it to focus on the big, big picture before evaluating tactics and logistics of SEO, paid search and other marketing tools. While reading about presenting your […]

Know Who Your Customers Listen To Before They Buy or Renew

Our blog earlier this month was a reminder to listen to smart people like Kurt Uhlir.  Influencer Marketing works to spread your message, and it helps your SEO program and Google page ranking.   Your prospective and current customers also listen to smart people.   Your challenge is to understand who your prospective and current customers consider […]

How to Influence Your Prospective Buyers in 2016

It’s generally considered good business practice to hang around people smarter than yourself. I had such an opportunity to talk with a very progressive marketer, Kurt Uhlir.  What makes his thinking and solution so exciting is that it is based on the age-old understanding that people buy from people — and then put it on […]