Fake News Fallout: Could it Affect Your Business?

If a presidential election is the ultimate marketing campaign, then some of the strategies and techniques will filter to the commercial world, including the millions of businesses that rely on their Internet presence to reach existing customers and reach out to prospects. One of the biggest issues from this year’s elections is fake news. Hyperbole […]

YouTube Videos: Being First (Page) is All That Matters

Oh, the impatience of it all. If you’re not on the first page of a Google search, nobody’s going to take the time to look on the second page – and forget about the third. Sure, you can have get lots of likes and shares on your Facebook page, and you can get high up […]

NicheLabs Acts Quickly To Protect Client From Scam

When a scam sideswiped ChlorKing, it didn’t take money directly out the company’s pocket, but it created more than an annoyance in dealing with irate callers inquiring about a product they hadn’t received. The problem was that ChlorKing neither made nor sold the product – a cartridge for residential swimming pool filters. They design and […]

The Google Factor(s) – Part 1

Probably nothing affects your online fate more than Google. Regardless of if you use it personally when searching the web, it impacts you and your business – because it is the world’s standard-setter for determining website rankings. You may have read our post on Penguins, Pandas and Google SEO Animals, which talks about some recent […]