Search Talk

The Three Musketeers of voice commands, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana, and all of their friends, are having an effect on your search engine optimization (SEO). People tend to be more conversational with voice searches, and that’s changing the way search engines are handling queries. Voice searches are catching on for a number of reasons. It’s […]

Look Within: Internal Page Links Help Site Visitors – and Search Engines

Sometimes, your best SEO booster might be an internal link on your website. In a nutshell, Google depends on content for its searches, and if you can post quality content that contains links to your pages, the search bots will be all over it, and you’ll deliver pages that help influence the decision to do […]

Grab Your ‘Bots & Balls’

It’s time to grab your “bots & balls” if you want to get into the game – and we’re not talking about baseballs and bats. We’re talking search engine robots and human eyeballs, which you need to attract to be a player in your business. While human eyeballs like a compelling story, both are attracted […]