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Search and Ye Shall Find (a “must see” video)

We’re well into a new year, but along with credit card bills, we have another leftover from the holidays – with a good marking message for small businesses.

Google recently shared an ad promoting its organic search capabilities that warms even the hardest of hearts. While we have all been entertained by comical ads through the years, the ones that stick with us often have a deeper meaning. Yes, online search is very, very powerful.

Take this Google ad, for example. Global marketer, Anheuser-Busch, for example, is a staple of Super Bowl advertising, but many of us can’t recall offhand any of the short-lived laughs from their commercials. We do, however, remember their tribute to the lives lost during 9/11. While Google is advertising its organic search capabilities, it uses the ad to do so in a subtle way that enables audiences to connect with the characters and feel invested in the story’s outcome.

As you think about your marketing plans for this year, ask yourself if you want to connect with your customers and/or be found by them. While connecting may seem more difficult, the payoff from your investment will serve you well. As it relates to search engine optimization (SEO), the term organic refers to results that do not include paid advertisements. However, organic has a deeper meaning that extends beyond search to the searchable content. While the components of and tools for measuring SEO effectiveness continually evolve, content that evokes an emotional connection with readers will be a constant for success.

The Godfather movie series assures us that our actions without emotions are acceptable when done in a business context and should not be taken personally. But another movie refutes the emotionless motto by sharing the alternative principle that “Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.”

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