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NicheLabs Hired to Build a Steady Online Foundation for the Trotter Company


About The Company:


At the Trotter Company, quality is a family tradition. Over 30,000 homeowners have trusted the Atlanta company with their basement and crawl space waterproofing, drainage, foundation piering and wall reinforcement since 1929. Serving more than 20,000 customers, Trotter has the know-how to handle foundation repairs in Georgia’s red clay. They have 80 years of experience in educating their customer. No matter how complex the task, Trotter not only knows how to answer the question, but can provide references from your own neighborhood and guide you to work with the right contractor for the job.


Client Challenges & Goals:

The Trotter Company needs a website:


  • That enables them to make updates and changes to their page content themselves
  • Keeps their current look and feel as they are happy with the overall appearance of the site
  • Includes an area dedicated company and industry news as this changes often
  • Enables prospective customers to fill out an online for requesting a quote easily


NicheLabs Proposed Solutions for The Trotter Company:

NicheLabs will be building a new website for the Trotter Company:


  • Converting their current HTML site into a content management system (CMS) site such as WordPress which will enable them edit, add, remove content on all pages
  • Maintaining the existing graphics used to design the website so it looks almost identical to their existing website
  • Adding a blog and setting up news categories for their company and their industry
  • Developing a robust online quote system that allows their prospective customers to quickly and easily obtain the estimates online.


NicheLabs is excited about this opportunity and look forward to launching the Trotter Company’s new website in the Fall of this year (2014).