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Stop Being Distracted — This Will Help You as Much as Your Top SEO Marketing Program

If our prior post’s 5 tips for controlling distractions from the phone, email and text messages wasn’t enough, here are 5 additional tips that will make you and your SEO campaign score, your Google AdWords campaign click, and your social media program engage, from our friends at LifeHack.

Getting new customers, clients or patients is a constant task.  “Build it and they will come” is only good in the movies. Whether you are doing an SEO campaign, testing new Google AdWords, or managing an email program, our days are full of distractions.  So let’s take control.

From our prior post:

1. Keep your vision/goals in mind

2. Reduce the chaos of your day by focusing on 2-3 important tasks

3. Do those tasks as soon as possible

4. Focus on only the smallest part of your work at a time

5. Visualize yourself working

And now the remaining 5 tips:

6. Control your internal distractions 

You can be your own worst enemy.  Prepare your mind for work, and find simple ways to keep your mind from straying to non-essential thoughts.  Have a dedicated work station so that when you take a break, make sure to leave your work station.  This will let you know you’re “allowed” to let your thoughts roam free.  When you return, you’re back to work and focused.

Posting your deadlines can also be helpful.  Post them on your computer screen, or on a very small note pad at your work station — both are intended to minimize clutter, which is its own distraction.  If you’re the “write it on your hand, literally,” type of person, that’s a clear sign that you aren’t anchored in a work station, and are likely to be easily distracted.   Your work station can move from office to remote location to a client’s site; the key is to have a place that you can be comfortably focused on your work.


7. Improve your discipline by slowing your brain

Follow me on this for a moment.  Meditation is basically the practice of focusing.  You’re literally just sitting there, thinking.  Follow the practice of thinking about thinking. Think about your current priorities.  Slow down, breathe deep and focus on what’s important.  And this also reduces stress.  To give it a try, visit our client, Leigh Builder’s Mental Spa Moments blog.

The Pomodoro method is another ‘train your brain’ exercise that is basically “focus sprints.” Focus, take a break; focus again; take a break.  More on that at another time.


8. Escape from/remove/hidden/throw away external distractions

Just get away from things that distract you.  TV, kids, shiny metal objects.  As hard as it is for me to say it, sometimes throwing things away (OK, recycling them) is best.  So just do it.


9. Skip what you don’t know

Ever hear that “perfection is the enemy of done.”  Similarly, getting everything right the first time prevents you for getting the first 50% or 80% done.

Focus on the easy parts first.  If you hit a snag doing something, skip it and come back to it later. Focus on what you CAN do. When you are just left with the more difficult parts, you may have discovered your answer along the way, or maybe you’ll have built up momentum that the hard part won’t break your focus.


10. Manage your momentum

Momentum is like a discipline lubricant ‒ it helps keep the process moving. Momentum is built by staying focused on your goals and never taking a complete break – yet this contradicts the tips above.  So a little clarity:  Each day, do something significant to further your goals.  “Significant” would be defined as any task that moves you forward to your goal; it doesn’t mean that big, audacious task.  Just something to keep it on your mind in a positive way.  Seeing your progress is generally motivating, thus the momentum of doing something every day.

The NicheLabs team aren’t counselors.  We are thinkers and doers.  We deal with our distractions and our clients’ distractions.  Let us know how we can help you reach your marketing goals with digital advertising, SEO, Google AdWords, Email campaigns and of course, website design and development. Email us with our website contact form, or give us a call at 888.978.9254.