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Are You Playing ‘Hide’ Instead of ‘Seek’ with Google Page Ranking?


Everyone wants to be found first on a Google search, but it sometimes seems like the search engine leader tries to hide you when you want prospects to find you. In reality, Google’s ever-changing criteria for higher organic search rankings are a good thing. They force you to update your message and creative website content – and design – to reflect changes in the business world and membership of online communities, for the benefit of people searching for the most relevant Internet content.

Blogging in Search Engine Watch recently, Jason DeMers contends that “the best and most successful players in (SEO) will work to anticipate Google’s next moves and respond to them with laser focus. In a sense, the infinite digital game of chess that is SEO will continue, but the rules of the game have become more complex.”

He offers the following suggestions for companies and SEO professionals for whose 2014 digital strategies rely on better Google Page Ranking:

  • Everything you learned in 2013 is still relevant, just amplified. Continue to expect micro adjustments to Panda and Penguin algorithms that target link and content quality.
  • Keep a close eye on link profiles and remove inbound links built unnaturally. High quality content investments will remain critical.
  • Content marketing will move from buzzword to mature marketing movement. Google will be looking at companies with robust content marketing efforts as a sign they’re the kind of business Google wants to support. Companies with existing content strategies will especially need to assess the role of mobile.
  • Social media diversification is a major trend. In fact, A recent study from the Content Marketing Institute reports the most successful B2B marketers are active on an average of seven networks.
  • Invest in Google+. In addition to strengthening your overall social media marketing position, it’s going to be absolutely critical that you are investing in your Google+ presence. It’s playing an increasingly significant role in a solid SEO ranking.
  • This is the year of mobile SEO. Half of all Americans own smartphones and at least one-third own tablets. Your site’s mobile performance matters to your SEO ranking, and having a mobile-optimized website for design and content needs to be your top SEO priority in 2014.  Guest blogging remains one of the most effective means of building quality inbound links, traffic, and branding exposure in 2014. However, it’s absolutely critical that you create high-quality content and use extremely stringent criteria when selecting your target sites.

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