What would you do if someone stole your homepage?

Changing out your homepage and replacing it with another is just one of the tricks hackers play. Sometimes they insert code that produces lines of errors in your copy and redirect your visitors to other websites. You might not even notice this last one until your traffic drops off. But what if they decide to steal sensitive data and you don’t know it?

Every minute of the day, someone or something can threaten the security of your network. Large corporations know this and maintain huge internal IT departments that do nothing but keep the company network secure. As a small business owner, you can’t afford such a luxury. But can you afford to leave your website and network unprotected?

Now, for pennies a day you can have around-the-clock website and network monitoring and protection with NicheLabs WebsiteWatcher.

The threats to your website and network

Unscrupulous people have many ways to breach the security of your website and network. Ask yourself how well you’re protected against them:

  • Remote login: Allows hackers to access your files and even run programs on your computer
  • Application backdoors: Provide hidden access that allows outsiders to control the application.
  • Operating system backdoors: Allow remote access without sufficient security controls.
  • Denial of service: Overloads your server with so many phony requests to connect that it eventually becomes hopelessly slow or even crashes
  • Viruses: Can corrupt or erase your data


How you can protect your network from such damage

Your website and network is built with firewalls that protect your applications from unauthorized access. You can spend thousands of dollars a month on a huge IT staff to monitor your firewalls – or let NicheLabs WebsiteWatcher do it 24/7 for just pennies a day.

Nichelabs WebsiteWatcher manages and monitors both your outer and internal networks:

  • Outer networks:


Your firewalls are the perimeters of your network. Constantly managing and monitoring them is essential to keeping intruders from getting in and important information from accidentally getting out. WebsiteWatcher takes care of both your application firewall and your network firewall.

  • Internal network:


Most small business owners focus on the security threats at the perimeter, but not to protecting their internal network. NicheLabs WebsiteWatcher identifies real and potential vulnerabilities within your internal network using a web-based internal scanning service that requires no additional software or hardware.

Peace of mind worth a fortune

For a small set-up charge and even smaller monthly maintenance fee, NicheLabs WebsiteWatcher can keep your website and network secure 24/7. For information and pricing on NicheLabs WebsiteWatcher, please email or call 866.413.7952.