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NicheLabs Boosts Website and Branding for Employee Assistance Program Provider.


About the Company:

EAP Consultants, LLC has been a leading innovator of Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and Work/Life Services since 1989. Their services are comprehensive, carefully tailored and delivered with a compassionate and responsive approach to the needs of each organization.

EAP Consultants extends their services to a wide variety of customers across the nation with an end goal of enhanced productivity and well-being for their employees. Their sole focus is what makes them stand out in the EPA field-designing and delivering the most effective and highly utilized Employee Assistance Programs.

EAP is their passion; they are not an ancillary business to a Health Plan, Managed Behavioral Care Organization, or an Insurer.  Their typical EAP utilization rate far exceeds the industry norm, ranging from 10% to 15% due to this focus. Services offered to employees include: mental health counseling, smoking cessation, child care referrals, crisis intervention, and other “well-being” services free of charge as a benefit from their employer.


Client Challenges & Goals:

EAP Consultants’ site is outdated and in need of a professional upgrade. Their current site is very benign and lacks distinction. It is unimaginative and therefore not engaging to their clients. EAP Consultants is looking for the opposite; they want a site that looks professional and distinctly represents their brand identity while providing a fantastic user experience. The site should feel freshly energized, human, and be mostly visual with limited text.

EAP Consultants needs NicheLabs to enhance their overall low market awareness so they can grow, strengthen, and spread their reputation as an EAP provider, especially in the private industry segment.


NicheLabs Proposed Solution for EAP Consultants, LLC:

NicheLabs will be developing EAP Consultants’ brand identity by providing them with tools ranging from a Brand Proposition Statement-that demonstrates their advantage over competitors and reinforces their message to their target audiences-to a program that imprints brand identity in all their company-wide daily communication tools. We will be writing copy for their new website, print collateral, including a custom brochure, folders, folder inserts, and booth graphics.

NicheLabs will also be designing and building a responsive website to act as a portal for employees of customer companies that are looking for assistance and for the professional clinicians that deliver the services to the employees.

NicheLabs has been hired by EAP Consultants for additional projects and will provide our client with everything needed to grow their company and strengthen their brand.