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NicheLabs introduces the end to illegible forms

One of the biggest hassles of being a new patient at a doctor’s office is filling out stacks of new-patient forms. You sit there with a clipboard, a pen and multiple pieces of paper asking you questions you can’t answer on the spot, such as your medical history or what medications you’re taking, but could answer easily at home where you have all of your records.

Besides for missing information, the act of juggling everything on your lap can make your handwriting look like chicken scrawl. You rush through the final questions just to get rid of it all and turn it over to the receptionist, who then passes it on to someone else who has to make sense of it all.

Healthcare providers’ files are full of illegible patient forms. Similarly, employers who require onsite application forms struggle to read applicants’ answers, as does any other business that asks people to fill out onsite questionnaires.

Now you have a choice

Now there’s a way to have people fill out these forms at home, where they have the time and resources to answer every question accurately. Furthermore, they fill in the questionnaire using their computer, so the issue of poor penmanship is nonexistent.

Introducing NicheLabs E-Z Forms™.

NicheLabs E-Z Forms transforms your current forms into online PDFs with live fields into which patients, job applicants and anyone else you choose simply type their answers. When they have completely and accurately filled out the required forms, they simply print them out and bring them in to their appointment. An email option is available for forms where security is not an issue.

Everybody wins with NicheLabs E-Z Forms. Patients, job applicants and others who need to fill them out get the benefits of:

  • More time to think through their answers
  • Less frustration
  • Shorter wait times at their appointments
  • Better response from having provided accurate and complete information

Healthcare providers and employers get the benefits of:

  • Less staff time wasted trying to decipher poor handwriting
  • Less risk of error due to omissions or illegibility of important information
  • More immediately actionable information because of greater accuracy and thoroughness
  • Reduced follow-up required

Put an end to illegible forms now

NicheLabs E-Z Forms is just one more way Atlanta web design firm NicheLabs wants to help you do business better. No matter what business you’re in, if you have a problem with poorly filled out forms, we can help. For information, please email us at or call 866.413.7952.