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Word-of-Mouth Speaks Volumes


Word-of-Mouth Marketing has established itself as one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways for small businesses to get out the word about their products and services. In today’s highly connected world, a good word-of-mouth strategy combines a number of techniques that are all designed to develop pathways that lead back to you.

Back when the Internet was coming into its own, word-of-mouth marketing was mostly a function of networking groups, some of which functioned – and still do – as lead-generation groups. They relied on the members of the group to establish and cultivate networks, where members could look for opportunities to tout each other and refer business.

Networking groups had two major limitations: Word-of-mouth was limited by who the people in the network knew or who they could connect, and the investment of time and money for each contact

The Internet has expanded the word-of-mouth model exponentially — it’s essentially “networking groups on steroids. “

Small businesses can now take advantage of email marketing campaigns, Facebook pages, LinkedIn networks, Twitter posts, YouTube videos, Google + networks and a host of ever-developing viral marketing techniques to find new customers and clients   much in the way small business leverages networking groups.

Here is what all of these viral marketing tools do – in a nutshell: They leverage who you know into a multitude of channels that help people you don’t know find you. It uses the principles of word-of-mouth marketing – referrals based on existing relationships – to tell other people about you. They, in turn, use their relationships to tell people about you. It can go on and on.

That’s one of the two most important things a small business needs to know about word-of-mouth marketing, including electronic or Internet word-of-mouth marketing.

The other most important thing you need to know is that you have a partner in NicheLabs. Rely on us to help you develop and execute an Internet-based “word-of-mouth” strategy that speaks to existing and prospective customers and clients in numbers that only a computer can calculate.

If you have the need for marketing (network groups and word-of-mouth) but don’t have the time, NicheLabs is your team.  We have a team of Internet marketing specialists who can help you identify the social media channels where your business targets are most likely to be found, design a strategic plan to reach those targets through each appropriate channel and either give you the tools to fill those channels with content or provide the content for you.

And because we specialize in small business marketing communications, we know how to work within your budgeting needs.    For more tips and insights about digital marketing advancements, connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter or subscribe to our monthly newsletter to read summaries of our weekly posts.

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