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Full-Service Gives Your Business Added Dimension

NicheLabs is an established digital marketing firm, and we believe that strong websites and SEO campaigns will play an even greater role in any business’ ability to inform customers about their offerings and conduct business transactions. Still, you need to have more tools in your marketing toolbox, and we’re pulling out a few more for ChlorKing, a worldwide innovator in saline-based sanitization systems for commercial swimming pools.

We’ve had a long relationship with ChlorKing, designing, developing, supporting and hosting their website. Last year, we teamed up with their traditional advertising agency to help them scale-up their outreach with a series of email blasts to their sales network and customers, and we launched a public relations campaign. The success of everyone’s combined efforts, including ChlorKing’s support, has moved us into a full-service relationship that coordinates their marketing communications efforts and makes all of marketing tools more effective.

What does full service look like? In this case, it’s a multi-faceted campaign. Our public relations program is designed to get news coverage in ChlorKing’s targeted markets through news releases and working with the editors of trade journals covering those markets to place feature articles about product installations and expertise articles to educate potential customers about the company’s technology.

The information used to generate news coverage will also be repurposed as website content to reinforce and expand the marketing messages. Links to news items are posted to the ChlorKing website, and white papers and “how to” videos can amplify points made in expertise articles.  Customer-testimonial videos can strengthen connections forged through case histories of the installations.

Editorial coverage will increase the effectiveness of two other tools: SEO and advertising. As the publication of news and features – in paper and online – drive readers to the website for more information or to request a sales call, their rankings will improve in the search engines. We’ll also be able to deploy a broader array of analytical tools to see what people are looking at and how long they’re looking. That will help us fine tune SEO and website content to enhance our search engine marketing initiatives.

News coverage also generates credibility for the company and its products, and that will make advertising more effective. With every trade publication having an online component and with some publishing only online versions, we can reinforce the messages with advertising across multiple channels. In the full-service mode, that means NicheLabs will work with the firm’s traditional advertising agency to create web-enabled versions of print ads and increase ChlorKing’s advertising profile with pay-per-click, (PPC) advertising.

Our program will also include the launch of a new, responsive website, designed to work better across all computers and device platforms, and we’ll be able to continue their digital marketing program more effectively. The responsive website will also help SEO efforts as well.

If you believe your own marketing program can take on more dimensions, we urge you to contact us. We can help you design and deploy a program, monitor it on a monthly basis and make the changes required to maximize your exposure and keep you ahead of your competitors. If you’d like to start a conversation now, we invite you to contact us at 888-978-9254, or by sending an email using our website contact form. An expanded website, news coverage, advertising and a granular SEO program can help expand your universe. We love to talk about marketing, best practices for SEO programs, brand messaging and content strategy.