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After Apr 21, Things Will Be Different

Are You and Your SEO Specialists Prepared for Google Page Ranking Change?

If you’re the person running your business, or running your marketing programs, then you know that it’s hard, really hard, to ignore. Like it or not, Search Engine Marketing in Atlanta and throughout the Internet will change because Google’s next algorithm update will increase the importance of being mobile-friendly.

Because strategy is as important as tactical execution at NicheLabs, we’re sharing why this matters to you so you can determine the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of your response to the changes (1).

“There’s no mistaking the fact that Google is driving the mobile revolution,” wrote Neil Patel on last week. “Consider that Google is the world’s largest mobile platform provider (Android). And Google is the world’s largest mobile search provider.” On top of that, the largest mobile app store is….you guessed it….Google. Neil’s conclusion, “Google gets to make the calls on mobile.”

Check Your Site for Free

Our Search Engine Marketing advice: At the bare minimum, see if your site is mobile friendly. It’s free, simple and takes about 1 minute. Go to Google’s tool to see if you make the minimum, and if not, they’ll even tell you why not.

One piece of good news is that the algorithm runs in real-time. In other words, if you don’t qualify today, you can make the improvements on any day, and as soon as Google picks up on the change, the site will start to benefit from the new mobile-friendly algorithm change. If you’re a small (by website traffic standards) site, and only get indexed once or twice a month by Google, your search engine marketing specialist or NicheLabs can expedite your getting recognized when you comply with Google’s new rules.

If you’re interested, there’s plenty more details we can share. If you don’t get them from us, get them from your search engine marketing specialist. Then make the business decision that’s right for your business or practice.

Next steps:

  • First, make your website mobile friendly. Responsive design is best.
  • Then address any mobile usability issues in Google Webmaster Tools. Note that apps are treated separately and differently than websites.
  • Lastly, monitor your metrics carefully up to and after the April 21 algorithm change. (Let NicheLabs know if you need any assistance.)

1 NicheLabs knows that to be really successful, ‘why’ is actually more important than ‘what’ and ‘how.’ If you have 18 minutes to understand this the way 21 millions viewers have, then click here for one of the great TED Talks.