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Broadcast TV’s Unadvertised Concession is Online Search Engine Marketing

Have you talked with a TV sales rep recently?  I just did and it reminded me of talking with a newspaper ad sales rep many years ago — and confirmed that doing SEO and paid search like Google AdWords is the right line of business.  Huh?

Imagine a cocktail party when you meet a broadcast TV sales rep who is proud of her ability to help her clients generate awareness and sales for your company.  She doesn’t know what you do beyond ‘run an agency.’  She doesn’t mention SEO or Google or Google AdWords, so you keep listening because your top SEO agency has recommended an aggressive SEO program.  While the SEO program generates website traffic and calls to you, it’s not cheap.   Maybe she can generate more calls at a lower price.  Heck, you’ve always heard that broadcast TV has a low CPM (cost to reach 1,000 people).

You’re a good businessperson, so you listen.   And then you ask questions.

From this broadcast TV sales rep — who sells 30 and 60 second commercials during your favorite prime time dramas, sitcoms, sports, and local news — what I heard surprised me.  Broadcast TV helps put your name out there so that when people are ready to buy, and they go online, buyers will see the results of your strong SEO program or paid search program on Google AdWords or Facebook, remember the TV ad, and choose you.

What?  When buyers are ready to buy, they go online?   Even after “If you’ve been hit..” and “One call, that’s all,”  people go online to decide who to call.

When you see who’s advertising online compared to broadcast TV, you realize that TV is a ‘nice to have’, while an aggressive SEO or paid search program on Google AdWords or Facebook is an absolute requirement.  For those over 45 who remember when the Yellow Pages phonebook had the same impact as an SEO program or Google AdWords, you know that you have to go where the buyers are — which is not broadcast TV, newspapers or Yellow Pages.

Welcome to 2016

Select your SEO keywords, which are different than your Google AdWord keywords.  Create an initial program with good content, targeted message, and a call to action.  Then test. Measure.  Rinse & repeat.

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