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Start with Reflecting on Your Message before focusing on Tactics like SEO or Social Media

While the end of the year is a great time to reflect on your progress and success (or January if  you’re a retailer with big holiday sales), our advice it to focus on the big, big picture before evaluating tactics and logistics of SEO, paid search and other marketing tools.

While reading about presenting your value proposition, I came across Alan J. Zell’s  explanation about What Customers Need To Know.    While most of us have little trouble explaining our value to a prospect or customer, do we do it in a way that our prospects and customers connect with?

Alan wrote, “Many times ideas, products or services are not made because of a lack of information that the customer needs to have when they discuss or think about what is under consideration or they have bought/bought into. This lack of information will cause the sale to be lost, cancelled, or delayed.”

Similar to needing to know your keywords before implementing an SEO program or paid search campaign, we’ll provide a few guiding questions to confirm that you can answer.  Then use your answers for training your employees, for including in your marketing materials and of course, for selecting keywords for an SEO program.

  • When, where, how, and by whom will your product or service be used? (Then prioritize your target markets.)
  • Why and how is your idea, service, or product different from what others have to offer? Different is critical; “better” is one type of difference.
    • Who makes the product? What is their history? If it has a good brand image, then “who makes it and offers it?” If the brand image isn’t well established, then “who offers it?”
  • How does it fit into what the customer is doing or planning? Specifically, what problem of theirs do you solve?
  • How does your solution fit into the customer’s budgets of time, space, effort, and money?

After you have the ‘what to say,’ then comes to soft skill of ‘how to say’ it.   A good SEO program, email campaign or social media campaign can get your message to buyers having the problem you solve.  Now need to know how the convey those points.  Your readers are asking:

  • Do they understand how I am going to be using it — for personal use, for passing it on to others visually, physically or verbally or for conversion into something else?
  • Will they or are they using language or terms I can’t understand?
  • Am I being asked to buy something I know nothing or little about from someone I know nothing or little about?
  • Where did they get their information? Should I be talking to someone else to get the right information?
  • Are they trying to sell me what is best for them to sell rather than what is best for me to use?

The NicheLabs team invites your conversation about creating the right message about your value proposition, which is either a branding program or a creative strategy.  Then we can share ideas about SEO programs, Google AdWords and other paid search opportunities, social media and email programs, all which we support with analytics.  Contact NicheLabs for an initial consultation using our website contact form or by calling 888.978.9254.

Let’s talk before the end of January.