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If Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Isn’t Your Answer to More Customers, What is?

I attended another marketing program in an effort to stay at the front of what makes our clients successful. Everyone is looking for more customers or patients. A growing number are turning to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) while others hope that their radio and billboard advertisements provide a good return; and others actually still pay for Yellow Pages ads.

While there was agreement that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gets much of our attention because its results are real and measureable, the conversation was about the elements that work for any marketing tactics. You already know it’s about getting the right message to the right person at the right time.

So what’s a business owner to do?

Right message: Whether you are creating an attention getting message (“Who is that person I wake up next to each morning?” to sell coffee) or attention getting image, or you’re explaining your value proposition, the right message is concise and written from your customer’s perspective. Your challenge is who’s doing the writing. You? Your best sales person or your office manager? An intern? A writer from marketing agency. No, it isn’t always the latter. Instead, you need to evaluate the important of the project and then assign it accordingly. Interns have a role so long as you keep in mind that they don’t typically have the customer service experience or perspective or the life experiences to help relate to many of your prospects. Whether you are doing Search Engine Optimization, public relations or email, the quality of your writing matters.


Right time. The obvious is “when they are ready to buy.” The less obvious is “when they recognize they have a pain” and they need help diagnosing their problem. Only then will they be ready to buy – and if you help them diagnose their problem, not only will they trust you, you’re in a position to define what they need (which you are likely to offer better than your competitor). Search Engine Optimization and marketing automation are two ways to find people earlier in the sales funnel. We can talk more about the right time if you’re interested.

Right person. You’ve already figured out who your best customers would be — location, socio-economic and demographic info, maybe even psychographic info.   We long ago agreed that your product could be used by many more people than your marketing budget will allow you to target. So we agree that your target market is the right person.

My next post will address solutions for combining these 3 aspects, and no, it isn’t about SEO.

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