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Your Operations and Marketing People Are Different, and That’s Good for Top SEO Agencies

To generate new clients and customers, we previously wrote how top SEO agencies develop SEO and supporting programs by knowing how to communicate for two audiences.   You and Google. You for readability – knowledge transfer – and Google’s algorithm for SEO ranking.

We have proven that you can balance the human appeal to the algorithm-based SEO program. Along the way, we’ve noticed that you and I need to also communicate to two different types of humans.

Some of us are more business numbers, operations and process oriented; and, well, some just are not. When you think of leadership training or classes, you may recall Myers-Briggs and other evaluation tools. While they categorize these people in various ways to help managers communicate and motivate employees, the same applies to creating online content for SEO programs.

First is to determine if there is a need for an SEO program, an email or a social media program, or other marketing tactics. The numbers person likes it when the SEO program establishes a regular reporting schedule, agrees on what the key metrics are, and has reliable data, such as the data from a call tracking program, Google Analytics, and other SEO metrics tools.

The more creatively oriented team members and the people-person team members want to know that the website’s user experience is intuitive, friendly and conveys the brand message. And the copy, while appealing to Google’s SEO algorithm, must still make sense to the human reader.

Again we gained a new client because their low-priced cookie-cutter SEO agency dumped a report in their email box with some numbers and not a customized plan or discussion covering both operational issues and the softer marketing issues.

Instead of using a low-cost, cookie-cutter SEO agency, consider what you can do in-house and what you need to outsource. The right SEO program will build on your operational processes as well as build on your brand message.

Consider if you want to use your time ‘doing’ or ‘managing.’ Do you want to do the research and write the copy and corresponding website requirements, or do you want to listen and evaluate plans, and then ensure that they are delivered as planned?

A top SEO agency will listen to your business objectives, observe what assets you bring to a marketing program, and then customize the SEO strategy to your marketing plan or company budgets.   NicheLabs welcomes your questions about SEO programs, both organic and paid search, along with social media, email and website opportunities. Please email us with our website contact form, or call us at 888.978.9254.