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NicheLabs Selected to Redesign Franchise Business Service Provider Website


About the Company:

Franchise Business Services is an organization that provides education, advocacy and member-focused benefits to its community of Buffalo Wild Wings franchisees. The organization strives “to improve, preserve and ensure the economic success of all members” by protecting the rights of independent franchisees to control their own path to success. The organization is adamant about its core values of integrity, dedication, excellence, and respect. By incorporating these values, Franchise Business Services enables mutual cooperation and teamwork among members, corporate, and the board.

The organization provides as vast verity of communication platforms that allow members quick and easy access to the latest news. Their educational training provides professional development that allows franchisees to leverage and grow the Buffalo Wild Wings brand. This is done through online programs as well as their annual Business Summit that allows franchisees to network with each other and hone in on development of certain skills. They also offer associate membership to Buffalo Wild Wing’s suppliers of products and services. Besides the networking and education, benefits include access to cost-effective business and health insurance programs, retirement and payroll services, along with various program discounts and access to the members-only section of their website.


Client Challenges & Goals:

Franchise Business Services needs an engaging site that encourages its franchisees to use it more often. It needs to be attractive, informational, and easily accessible. Franchisees should easily see how to use it differently than the old site so that they are exposed to the important announcements and information that is posted. This information should be easier to update. The Board of Directors would also like to add trending info to enhance user experience.


NicheLabs Proposed Solution for Franchise Business Services:

NicheLabs will include a slideshow to make the site more visually pleasing and interactive. The site will be moved from Drupal to WordPress, which is a Content Management System (CMS) that will allow administrators to add, edit, and delete pages, links, pictures, and text. The site structure will support new ideas that may arise in the future such as videos, marketing materials, and reports. Members will be able to communicate with one another and website administrators will be able to better manage membership online. NicheLabs looks forward to delivering a new website that will improve the synergy of Franchise Business Services’ franchisees, corporate sector, and their Board of Directors.