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NicheLabs Chosen to Build Brand and Website for Live Trivia Game Promotion Company

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About the Company:

The Answer Is Productions, Inc. and its affiliated companies understand the needs of the hospitality industry (Restaurants, Taverns, Bars, etc.) for successful, dependable, and cost effective promotions; they offer promotion solutions with their extensive hands-on industry experience and knowledge. Their mission is to attract customers to their clients’ establishment during their slow times to sell food and drinks. The idea is to draw the customers in with their promotions and make them regulars so that they come back even if they’re not coming to play Team Trivia.


Team Trivia is a cost-effective live trivia game played by teams and hosted by an “announcer.” It can also be a fun and effective team-building tactic at seminars, meetings, or retreats for corporations. Team Trivia’s popularity has grown steadily; the Metro Atlanta area alone hosts 200 weekly shows. Franchises have spread to Charleston and Myrtle Beach SC, Phoenix AZ, Western PA, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Chicago.  The support staff and announcers bring a high level of professionalism and a “show must go on” mentality to each show.


Client Challenges & Goals:

The Answer Is Productions is looking to update their Team Trivia brand and website to reflect their honest, professional, and fun culture. The manner in which their website updated needs to create an immediate significant change and accommodate future enhancements and ongoing marketing activities.  They will need a new look so that franchisees will recognize that they are now a bigger and better company. The site should show the appropriate information on each event. They would like to be able to let their franchisees update this information on their own. Although they do offer Team Trivia logo-wear, visitors are not able to purchase items at this time as it is not currently functioning.


NicheLabs Proposed Solution for The Answer Is Productions, Inc.:

NicheLabs will provide a complete overhaul of Team Trivia’s brand platform. This will include their proposition statement, brand vision document, brand positioning statement, elevator speech, tagline, messaging platform, graphic identification counsel (color palettes, etc.), and website development counsel. The website will be built in WordPress, the popular Content Management System, to allow the client to make changes on their own.


We will also complete their logo design, include a slideshow, include a password protected area for franchisees to login and access info/make changes, and add a blog. An ecommerce element will be added to allow the purchase of merchandise and the site will be made responsive so that it can be opened on any mobile or desktop device without altering its layout. NicheLabs will also be providing monthly Marketing Leadership Management to keep the brand on track moving forward. We are happy to be working with The Answer is Productions and look forward to launching their new brand and website in the upcoming months.