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NicheLabs is chosen to redesign Protected Harbor’s new website


About the Company:

Protected Harbor started to blossom in January of 2000-George and Athena Pappas began to wonder what would happen to their developmentally disabled daughter, Cleo, when they were no longer around to take care of her. They joined with the Special Education Ministry in their church and by 2010 the necessary funds were raised and an assisted living facility for women with developmental disabilities was built in Fort Myers, FL on a beautiful lakeside setting. The house includes supervision so that the women can have their independence while still remaining safe and in good hands.

President Bob Schubring has continued the prayerful work in hopes to raise the necessary funds to build a second home-a home for developmentally disabled men. The organization is entirely comprised of volunteer work and donations from those who support the ministry.


Client Challenges & Goals:

Protected Harbor is a volunteer organization-they rely on donations and the good will of others to continue on their path in helping “God’s Special People.” Protected Harbor chose NicheLabs to redesign and rebrand their website because they knew in order to obtain the funds they were seeking and attract new volunteers and board members, they need to have a professional presence online.  Their requirements included:

  • Redesign their existing website to give them a more modern, professional look online
  • Redevelop the website in WordPress so they could make updates themselves
  • Integrate their new website with Donor Perfect to enable donors to make donations easily online

NicheLabs Proposed Solutions for Protected Harbor:

NicheLabs has a strategic yet simple approach to redesigning and rebranding the Protected Harbor website. The message and mission of the organization will be very clear. We will be highlighting the necessary elements that allow Protected Harbor to carry out their mission: donations, volunteers, prayer partners, and board members. Protected Harbor’s site will have a clean, simple, and clear design making information readily accessible to their users. The site will be built in a way that garners Protected Harbor the freedom to add and edit content and pages independently using a well-known content management system (CMS) called WordPress. We’ll then integrate their new site with Donor Perfect which will allow donors and event participants to purchase tickets and make donations directly within the website. Our goal is to make sure our client experiences continued success and is able to keep building these homes.