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NicheLabs will help consumers sell their scrap gold

Anyone who has ever tried to sell scrap jewelry to a precious metal dealer knows how confusing it can be. Prices vary from dealer to dealer. How does an inexperienced consumer selling an old broken gold bracelet know good from bad?

A start-up company operating under the name Area Gold Buyers intends to clear up the confusion and has selected Atlanta website design firm NicheLabs to build and launch its new website.

The new site will be a ZIP-code directory of local Atlanta area precious metal and coin buyers and dealers. Dealers can be listed by name and address only at no charge. With a paid site membership, they can have listings that include other information, such as their phone number, email address, website URL and specialties, plus other information of their choosing and even graphics.

The site will be free to the general public. When fully operational, it will serve to connect sellers with reputable buyers. Paid advertising is part of the long-term plan.

In business for over seven years, NicheLabs has created websites and online marketing programs for close to 1,000 mainly small-to-medium-size businesses. The company has offices in Atlanta, GA, and Naples, FL. For information about NicheLabs, please email or call 866.413.7952.