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Partner Spotlight: Bedford

Bedford helps business owners leverage their real estate investments to reduce taxes. 






Managing daily business operations often trumps identifying and taking advantage of tax incentives.  Frequently, business owners undertake capital improvement, renovation, and new construction projects before understanding available incentives.  Property owners (or tenants) who are considering renovations, expansions, energy or lighting upgrades, or are upgrading their facility to comply with brand standard requirements can substantially benefit from evaluating tax saving strategies.

An independent professional services firm, Bedford serves the commercial real estate industry by providing cost segregation services, along with innovative tax, finance, and energy solutions that focus on maximizing cash flow while minimizing tax liability.  Bedford assists taxpayers in identifying IRS allowances for accelerating building components into shorter periods, expensing repair items, and writing-off existing assets that were removed during a renovation or demolition.  Several incentives for new construction, including 30-100% in bonus asset depreciation, have been introduced since 2001 and greatly benefit property owners.

Headquartered in Bedford, NH, the company not only serves clients across the U.S., but also has a nationwide presence with offices in Georgia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Florida, Texas and Washington.  To date, Bedford has conducted over 7,800 cost segregation studies in the medical, restaurant, early education, assisted-living and retail industries, among others.

As a fellow consulting firm located in Atlanta, GA and a trusted advisor to both local and national companies, digital marketing and website development expert, NicheLabs is proud to partner with Bedford.  

No engagement is too large or too small for Bedford to manage.  They have served clients with property sizes ranging from 3K to 2M square feet and with depreciable costs ranging from $350K to $1.4B.  To learn about Bedford’s expertise, capabilities and educational programs, please visit their website at  A simple conversation with Bedford could uncover opportunities to accelerate depreciation, write-down assets, and obtain tax credits or deductions.  Contact Debbie Rodkin at or 678.205.4770 if you are interested in learning more.