World leader in saline chlorination selects Atlanta website design firm NicheLabs to help step up its marketing

ChlorKing Incorporated, the world leader in saline chlorination, has changed the way commercial pools and spas are managed. With two patents and a third on the way, management decided it was time to change their strategy and their website and chose Atlanta website design firm NicheLabs to do the job.


ChlorKing has developed an on-site chlorinator that eliminates the need for expensive and potentially unsafe chemicals to control bacteria and algae. The current website was geared to educating American managers of commercial pools and spas about the technology and convincing them to consider it as a safer alternative to conventional chlorination.


Used successfully for 20 years in other countries, ChlorKing technology has now become accepted in the US, used by some of the biggest names in the US hospitality and fitness industries, including Disney, Lifetime Fitness, health clubs across the country and every hotel on Waikiki Beach, as well as universities, hospitals and military bases.


“Our current site focuses on our process,” said Steve Pearce, Vice President, “but now that our technology is generally accepted, we want to focus more on our products.”


The goal is a fresher look with a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress that will allow ChlorKing’s own people to make regular website updates on their own. With so many US clients, the site will also feature shots of some of its more impressive US installations.


ChlorKing Incorporated is a privately held company headquartered in Norcross, GA, led by its South African founder and CEO David S. von Broembsen.


Atlanta website design firm NicheLabs has been managing ChlorKing’s SEO and PPC for the past two years. ChlorKing chose NicheLabs for its website redesign based on the quality and results of that ongoing work.


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