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Banner Ad Designers

A banner ad appears on a website to not only generate revenue but draw traffic to websites. A proper banner ad designed by professional designers is key tools of marketing because one can directly monitor and track its effectiveness through increased website hits and redirection.  If you have ever been on a website and noticed a box advertising another business then you are familiar with banner ads. Companies who practice in this marketing technique are able to find their own segmented audience and key in on consumers who are likely to purchase that item. The most eye appealing banner ads include animation and changing images which catch the consumer’s attention. Hiring a banner ad designer and instituting a banner ad campaign can be a key element in your marketing strategy and is an efficient way to draw new customers to your website.

Good banner ad designers have the ability to visually draw attention to your company’s website. Hiring good ad designers is crucial because your ad must be fresh, stylish, and unique. While on your search for quality, knowledgeable banner ad designers make sure that they understand the concept of branding and that your banner ad matches the look and feel of all your other branded items. (Website, business cards, logo, envelopes, letterhead, etc) Once again any work a designer does for you will give potential customers their first impression of you and your company.  Make sure the statement you make is consistent and accurate across the board.


  • Captive Audience- Through research demographics have been predetermined for products and websites.
  • Specials and Promotions- One key way to garner attention on the internet is to create banner ads with you promotions on it. First it is attractive to search engines because by posting it on your site it is new updated content. Secondly when on other sites it will increase redirected traffic
  • Branding- The key to any branding strategy is being seen.  Not only is it being seen but that the image and messages delivered are consistent.
  • Cost Efficiency- Banner ads have proven to be a cost efficient method in increasing traffic. For a detailed quote contact Niche Labs about putting together a campaign.

  • Niche Labs team of designers will customize a banner ad design to be consistent with the brand identity you have already created. We will put you in position to attract your target market and get more consistent leads. Our designers can produce fresh and elaborate animated flash banners.  Or we can also create the more traditional static banner. As usual when it comes to Niche Labs your satisfaction is guaranteed and we will make sure it works within your budget to produce the intended results.

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