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Business Envelope Designs

Business envelope designs are used to help companies identify themselves through internal and external mailings.  A great strategy in designing your envelopes is to incorporate the company logo and colors to reinforce other branding techniques you have incorporated.  An effective business envelope design will leave a memorable and lasting impression on clients.

Most companies fail to see the importance of having custom envelope designs.  Depending on how many letters you mail out you will continuously miss the opportunity to engage in corporate marketing.  While many may ask how something so routine as an envelope be so important, remember that good marketing is taking every opportunity to be visible to current and potential clients.  This simple concept alone is why integrating professional business envelope designs into your branding portfolio are so critical for internal and external marketing. Below are the top reasons business envelope designs are so effective.


  • Consistency- The message you send will be identical (Logo, business cards, invoices, envelopes, website, direct mail, flyers) in marketing it is highly important to always deliver the same message.
  • Brand identity- When clients receive your mail they will quickly identify your logo with your company. The more opportunities you take to make that type of impression the faster your company becomes etched in their brain.
  • Pure Aesthetics- The presentation alone will make people stop and recognize professionalism.  In this current market of competing companies one must seize every opportunity to stand out.


At Niche Labs our design and marketing team can help you with your branding needs. Just like with our other design services a team of designers will give you multiple versions to go with.  As always with any Niche Labs work satisfaction is guaranteed. In this current economy placing your logo and contact information on an envelope is not enough. Obtaining a captive audience is your number one priority.  Uncovering and then executing a game plan to implement your needs is our highest priority.  The end result will always be an outstanding business envelope design that you will be proud to show off. Call us today to order your eye-catching, high quality business envelope design that will make you stand out from the competition.

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