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Catalog Design And Printing

If you have heard someone say that print catalogs are dead then you have just spoken with someone who is severely misinformed.  Catalog printing and design is typically for either consumer or business to business catalogs. The main reason a company inquires about printing and design work for a catalog is because they carry a significant amount of products.  The catalog allows them to effectively display their vast amount of products and services that company has to offer.  In addition a catalog design once again allows a company the opportunity to engage their customer and more importantly grow their brand image and identity.  Below are some of the important reasons why catalogs still play a significant role in doing business.


  • Differentiates- Having a catalog presence online and having a print catalog can only benefit your bottom line.  Although every year the number of computer users increases at a rapid rate their still remains that sector of the population who are not computer savvy.  Not only are they not computer savvy but they prefer to do things the old way and will not be forced into change.  By having a catalog you tap into this segment that has been forgotten about.
  • Branding- The keyword in today’s business is branding.  By designing and printing a catalog you have given yourself one more opportunity to be seen and remembered.  Your logo and professional glossy images will jump off the page to catch the customer’s attention.
  • Focused Readers- While browsing the internet customers have the tendency to be distracted by pop up ads and banners. One minute they are online and ready to purchase your items and the next they are being ushered to another site which may cost you a sale. Your print catalog will allow the customer to focus more on the message you are trying to deliver
  • Travels well- Printed catalogs can go on planes, subways buses, long car rides, and the doctor’s office. When  people are in places where wifi is not available print catalogs are handy and once again have less distractions
  • Leads- Print gives you the perfect opportunity to create a mailing list and collect valuable data.


Niche Labs marketing and design team know how to take your catalog to the next level by helping you deliver a more effective message and inspiring your customers to purchase. Our goal is to set your business apart with a unique design that comes to life on the pages and communicates the quality and care that goes into your products. Our teams of designers look forward to helping bring your business to life through a vibrant catalog.

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