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As a business owner one should never miss the opportunity to grow and expand ones brand.  Although you may think something as simple as a letterhead is not a big deal you may later find that it plays a very important role.  Having a designer create a custom letterhead is an important foundation of building your company’s brand identity.  With a custom letterhead you never miss an opportunity to display your brand through invoices, letters, receipts, memos, or any other documentation or statement you put on display.

A custom letterhead designer will reinforce the brand image you have established for your company by displaying its independence and professionalism. Since all your clientele large and small will view this letterhead it is important that the designer relays the proper message.  The message this custom letterhead designer will send is one of quality.  This business is official, reputable, and professional enough to handle any job large or small. Below are some key points to why having a letterhead designer is important.


  • Professionalism- A custom letterhead tells your customer that you pay attention to detail. It states we are official and our top priority is professionalism.
  • Brand Recognition- Your letterhead with your logo will only further drive home the image that you chose to represent your company. When people see your logo and automatically think of your company you have taken the next step in building your brand
  • Repeat Customers- Often times by driving home your brand image constantly you stay fresh in existing customers thoughts
  • Builds Confidence- An official letterhead lets consumers know we do things the right way
  • Makes Sense- A letterhead is a cost efficient way of building your brand.


At Niche Labs our team of designers will create a letterhead that suits your brand image and needs. A professional letterhead is part of the grand plan in building your companies brand awareness. By allowing Niche Labs designers to create your letterhead you will be assured that it is professional, official, and that it communicates to your customers you are ready to satisfy their needs as a client.

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