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Best Website Analytics

Analytical tools available to online marketers today make it relatively easy to collect and interpret data from your website.  The best website analytics tools capture several types and levels of statistics about the traffic on your site, including where your visitors are coming from, what keywords were used to get your visitors to your site, where your visitors land and exit on your site, how long they are on particular pages, and if they convert (buy) on your site.  The best uses for website analytics are defining your target audience, designing your website to maximize conversions, and refining your marketing strategy.


Website analytics offers answers to questions you have about your visitors, and helps you gauge and improve the success of your website and advertising campaigns.  By studying your web analytics, you can recognize at which step of your website process your visitors left your site, so you know where to make the necessary adjustments to keep them on your site. For example, a visitor may have entered your site at the Home page, clicked on a link or tab for another page, and then exited.  If multiple visitors do this, it would indicate that copy or design changes to your Home page and the other page are needed.  If your visitors are not going where you want them to go on your site, or doing what you want them to do when they are there, you need to do something with your copy or design to move them to a point of sales conversion. NicheLabs can provide you with the best website analytics for your site, and help you interpret them with a view to improving your website’s performance.


Every online business has marketing objectives and goals. Whether those goals are to increase brand recognition, advertise a product or service, or close a direct marketing transaction, your objective should be to learn as much as possible about the characteristics and behavior of your target audience, so that you can achieve your marketing goals. Analytics is an important key to your success online, and an important part of knowing whether you are achieving your goals. Contact NicheLabs to learn how you can track and test your advertising campaigns, expand brand recognition, and improve your conversion rate on your website.

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