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PPC Bid Management Services

Pay per click or the abbreviation (PPC) is the most common internet marketing technique used on websites. At Niche Labs we provide PPC bid management services that are suited to your company’s goals and needs.  The key to any successful PPC bid is an in depth research study done on keywords related to your company’s services.  Our knowledgeable Search Engine Marketers have years of experience and will ensure your PPC bid management advertising is as successful as possible.  The key component in our PPC bid management service is that we take the time to manage your campaign so you can focus on running and developing your business.

To determine the best course of action we begin with researching your business to better understand your goals, business model, target audience, marketing message, and value proposition.  We take our findings on your business to form an initial action plan that serves as the blue print for creating your PPC bid. From this research we will be able to precisely tell you researched keywords, every ad, every milestone, and every deliverable so that you know exactly what to expect from our PPC bid management services.  Once you approve the researched game plan we will put we will select the PPC engines, approved keywords, and then submit your ads to go live.  Below are the top reasons to initiate Niche Labs PPC bid management services.


  • The world is connected – Most consumers go online to research anything that is not a minor purchase. Our PPC services will help you get in front of those potential buyers.
  • Demographics – Your PPC advertising can be segmented by geography, cities, regions, and keyword searches.
  • Control over cost – If you choose you can easily change your budget on dollars spent a day for PPC services.
  • Active consumers – PPC targets people specifically searching your product or services in all steps of the buying cycle.
  • Pay Per Click – You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.
  • Discover your clientele – Through analytics you will learn detailed information like location, how long they were on your site, etc…
  • Multiple promotions – You can swap out ads depending on the holiday, season, or sale. Because you are paying per click you can frequently change the ads.


Niche Labs will handle your PPC bid management services by monitoring your search term bids and ensuring optimal placement and solid returns. Our monthly reports detail your results and provide actionable advice for continual improvement of your campaigns.  Most PPC campaigns can be launched within 2 business days so contact us if you are in the market for active buyers.

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