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Stop Being Distracted — This Will Help You as Much as Your Top SEO Marketing Program

If our prior post’s 5 tips for controlling distractions from the phone, email and text messages wasn’t enough, here are 5 additional tips that will make you and your SEO campaign score, your Google AdWords campaign click, and your social media program engage, from our friends at LifeHack. Getting new customers, clients or patients is […]

Distracted? 10 Tips for Getting Focused and Helping Your SEO Marketing Plan

Chances are that you are among the group of people who have a vision and a plan.  And chances are that you are among the group of people whose plan regularly gets interrupted or trashed because of…well…people, processes and technology that impact your job. Whether we are doing an SEO campaign, testing a new Google […]

Broadcast TV’s Unadvertised Concession is Online Search Engine Marketing

Have you talked with a TV sales rep recently?  I just did and it reminded me of talking with a newspaper ad sales rep many years ago — and confirmed that doing SEO and paid search like Google AdWords is the right line of business.  Huh? Imagine a cocktail party when you meet a broadcast […]

Microsoft End of Support Reminder – Changes You Need to Make for Marketing and SEO

My friend Chris Jann at Medicus reminded me (as he often does about trends in IT Support) that Microsoft is ending support and security updates for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 on Jan 12, 2016.   In the discussion that followed, an important perspective came up:  Why has the announcement of the browser for the […]