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If you have an online presence, you are probably counting on your website doing most of the heavy lifting when it comes to selling your products or services.  If your website is the engine of your business model, you need eCommerce to maximize sales and keep up with your competition!


When you get visitors to your website, getting them to stay and do what you want them to – whether it’s contacting you for information, making reservations, scheduling appointments, or making a purchase – can be difficult without a properly designed eCommerce shopping cart strategy.


NicheLabs knows how difficult it can be to market products and services online in today’s competitive business environment.  The last thing you need is disorganized or awkward eCommerce functionality.  Let NicheLabs help you navigate the waters of eCommerce, as we have for hundreds of web-based businesses.  NicheLabs specializes in the development of eCommerce sites on the web.


According to Forrester Research (2008), US online retail sales are projected to grow to $335 billion by 2012.  If you want to take advantage of the great potential for online sales that this represents, give NicheLabs a call.  Using our experience in the development of eCommerce sites on the web, we can provide the design or upgrade expertise you need for an eCommerce storefront that will help differentiate you from your competition, ensure an easy and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers, and meet your specific business requirements and administrative needs.


There are a number of eCommerce options available:


  • Your customers can search for products in your online store catalog, add their purchases to a shopping cart, and pay online.
  • An online reservation or appointment system can help improve communications with potential customers, and bring customers to your door – especially if a product or process demonstration in person would help make the sale.
  • If you are selling products that involve a step-by-step order selection process, NicheLabs can create a “my choice” function that helps your customers with the selections they are making.
  • Perhaps you want to give your customers a way to communicate with you while they place their order.  NicheLabs can add a real-time chat capability to your site. 
  • Maybe you are not selling products, but services, and you want to be able to invoice your customers or clients and receive payment online.  NicheLabs can set up a secure payment gateway for you.
  • Use your eCommerce page to manage your store’s inventory, add new products, and review and track orders.


Contact NicheLabs today to see how we can help you enhance your presence on the web with a robust eCommerce functionality!

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