Online Payment Processors

Internet Credit Card Payment Processing

Do you need a credit card payment processing functionality for your online business so that you can accept payment from customers for your products or services?  Do you want help figuring out whether it is better to open your own merchant account, or use a third party online payment gateway? NicheLabs has the expertise you need to make the right choices in shopping cart and payment processing technologies for your specific business needs.


There are several things you will need to know before you select a shopping cart and internet credit card payment processing service.  Among the things NicheLabs can give you guidance on are:


  • Selecting an internet credit card payment processing service that is compatible with your shopping cart;
  • Avoiding certain combinations of technologies that might result in delays during customer checkout;
  • Whether or not a payment processor’s fee structure is properly suited to your business model, and will protect your margins from excessive per-transaction and chargeback fees.


You want your eCommerce site to be equipped with efficient and fast credit card payment processing.  The eCommerce environment is very competitive, and online shoppers are pretty savvy.  They expect a fast, easy, and secure transaction. A poorly designed shopping cart with a slow financial transaction is an inconvenience for your customers, and it can result in lost sales.  Considering today’s fast-paced internet environment, you cannot afford to have poor quality internet credit card payment processing.


Payment processors allow you to have payments immediately deposited into your bank account, and they add an extra layer of protection against fraud.  Major credit and debit cards, electronic checks from bank accounts, gift cards, and bank transfers can typically be accepted from your customers.  Many processors also handle sales tax computation, serial number generation, and annual reports.


While it is possible to conduct business online without a payment processor, having a payment processor allows your customers to pay immediately and easily -- without the hassle of writing out a check or money order, or the risk to you that the customer will change their mind and not write that check or money order at all.  Rather than having to enter orders manually through a terminal, call in orders over the phone, or run checks to the bank, wouldn’t it be easier to use a payment processor so that your sales transactions occur quickly and seamlessly through your website?

Contact NicheLabs today to see how we can help you with internet credit card payment processing.

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