Security Certificates (SSL)

Online Security Certificates

As website design and Internet marketing specialists, NicheLabs is concerned about online financial transaction security.  To help protect sensitive personal information such as address, credit card data, and Social Security numbers, a special Internet encryption technology was developed to ensure the security of financial transactions on the Internet.  This technology is known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL).  This advanced security measure is the standard method for protecting personal information from being exploited online and is used in conjunction with online security certificates.

The Secure Socket Layer keeps unauthorized individuals from decrypting your personal information. A Secure Socket Layer is recognizable by its web address prefix, “https”. In order to use “https”, you must have a Secure Socket Layer certificate, which is coding specific to your server that tells your website visitor’s browser what to do with the data they are submitting to you.  Online security certificates let your customers know that they are really doing business with you, and not someone else who might be trying to access their personal information.  Customer trust and peace of mind are crucial aspects of having a successful eCommerce enterprise, and you want to do all you can to instill trust and confidence in your customers’ dealings with you online.


NicheLabs recommends the installation and use of security certificates on your website.  A security certificate is applied to features such as passwords or encrypted web pages that interact with private information.  We will install the proper security and validation for your website to show your customers they can trust you by letting them know your site is a secure place to exchange private information, purchase products, and complete secure transactions.


Let us help you give your customers a genuine sense of security by retaining us to install online security certificates for your website.  Call NicheLabs today for online security certificate installation pricing.

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