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Direct Mail Marketing Strategies

Direct mail is a form of advertising that sends some form of paper advertising directly to house via the mail.  Some examples of direct mail are value ads, postcards, and flyer inserts. The effectiveness of your direct mail marketing strategy is determined by the marketing research, promotions, and distribution. This information will help us better determine the best course of action to carry out your direct mail marketing strategy.

Direct Mail is still one of the most effective traditional marketing methods offered today.  The key to its effectiveness is mainly derived from the design and flow of the mailer.  Niche Labs professional designers will create a brand image that grabs attention and stands out from other mailers in the mail box. Another key component in designing a direct mail marketing strategy is finding out who your customer is and then focusing your direct mail efforts based on demographics like location, target audience, and characteristics. Our professional design team can ensure you professional design and timely delivery to help enhance your company’s goals and marketing strategies. Below are some key reasons to start a direct mail marketing strategy.


  • You can reach thousands of people with one mailing
  • You can demographically target where your mailer goes
  • 80 to 90 percent of the mailers that will answer come in within 2 weeks
  • It is easy to track your return on investment
  • You can list products, services, and benefits of your business on mailer


Direct mail has been given a bad rap over the years to its effectiveness. Because companies have begun to package multiple coupons and offers in one envelope have turned the consumer off to what they call “junk mail”.  Niche Labs goal is to create a direct mail marketing strategy with large vivid mailers creatively designed to force consumers to stop and pay attention. Our efforts to thoroughly research and get to know your business will maximize your return on investment and make your business thrive while others try to figure things out.  Contact Niche Labs and allow us to help put your game plan in action.

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