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Email Marketing Prices

There are numerous benefits and advantages to an email marketing campaign. Combined with some of our premium marketing services we strive to put your business in front of the right clientele.  Niche Labs can execute everything from the research and writing of your newsletters to the execution and delivery of your message. Our marketing and copy writing specialist will fulfill your campaign management solutions. Email marketing is one of the most cost efficient ways to reach and deliver a message to people interested in your product or services. It is common place to also deliver special offers to loyal repeat customers.

The key to any email marketing campaign is to deliver a message without looking like everyone else.  It is important that your subscribers know you are not spam or junk mail, but that you value their loyalty and will reward them with knowledge or special offers or incentives. In this age of spam and junk mail you must catch the consumer’s eye quickly and deliver your message before they decide to move on.  Our dedicated staff here at Niche Labs expertise is appealing to clientele and delivering a quick precise message.  We know what works to create the buzz your company seeks.  Below are some of the major advantages to hiring Niche Labs to run your email marketing campaign.


  • You can reach thousands of customers at a low cost efficient rate as compared to direct mail
  • Your message can be delivered immediately
  • You get exact measurable feedback like how many people opened the message, how many visited the link, and demographic info.  This will help you tweak future campaigns to fit what the consumer desires.
  • It is very flexible in which of your consumers you want to target


Email marketing will give you the potential to not only stay connected with your existing client base but also reach new potential clients.  The exciting part is that by being creative and innovative your email subscribers can then pass on great deals, savings, and info to friends, family members and co workers. The goal for your new email marketing campaign is to build an email database without running off your current email subscribers. Our goal is to keep current and fresh designs in front of your email subscribers to let them know what you have to offer is unique compared to the competition. If you are in search of a way to reach thousands without spending thousands of dollars contact Niche Labs professionals to help facilitate your new email marketing campaign.

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