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Do you want to improve your rankings on the search engines, let your audience know what’s new, improve communications with the public, and educate prospective buyers about your products and services?  Contact NicheLabs today to ask about our blog development services.


Not long ago, a “blog” (or web log) described a personal diary or journal posted online for the enjoyment of friends and family.  The typical content of such blogs included things like what the kids had for breakfast, vacation narrative and photos, pictures and stories about the pets, and descriptions of home improvement projects.  Soon the “blogosphere” developed to include news and political reporting (reputable and otherwise), commentary, grassroots activism, and tips for better living.  Blogs also offered an opportunity for people to post comments and observations about what they read...a way of interacting with the blogger.


It did not take long for businesses to recognize the power of blogging, and blog creation became a corporate exercise.  The more mainstream and widespread blogging became, the more it became people’s expectation to find blogs on company websites, where the company’s products, services, and strategies were discussed, and prospects and customers could post comments and interact with the company.


According to an October 2008 study by Forrester Research, one in three Americans online read blogs at least once a month, while 18% left comments on blogs.  A BuzzLogic study from October of 2008 indicated that 50% of blog readers consulted company blogs for purchase information, and blogs factored into important stages of the purchase process, especially at the moment of the decision to purchase.  The greater the number of people who read blogs, the greater the number of people who expect companies to have blogs, and the more influential blogs become in influencing people’s purchase decisions.


One of the benefits of having an active company blog is search engine placement for your company website.  Not only do websites with frequently updated content rank higher on the search engines than those that are static, but blogging also creates greater opportunity for external linking, which provides an additional boost in search engine placement.

If you think that having a company blog might be an important part of your online strategy, give NicheLabs a call.  If you think that blog creation and maintenance are too challenging or time consuming for your organization, don’t write it off, because NicheLabs can do it for you.  And once your blog is live, we can work with you to keep your blog updated on a regular basis so that its effectiveness is maximized. 


Give NicheLabs a call today – we would be happy to speak with you about blog creation for your business!

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